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BILL A & B - Emerging Work
Saturday, December 12th at 8:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 12/12/20 at 10:00pm PST
A virtual performance space. This show will be live streamed.
Hayward, CA 94545
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Emerging Work

December 8th - December 12
Written and performed by Chabot students, this series features 4 original work in 2 bills, Bill A and Bill B. Tonight is BILL A and BILL B!

Bill A - The Damned of Califa
Written by Nate Mitchell
Starring: Darrell Ellingberg, JC Iglesias, Josh Gavile

BILL A - Standing at an Intersection
Written by JC Iglesias-Bernd

Starring: Vanessa Bonner, Alex Loder, Suchitra Sharma, Nikky Griffiths, Darrell Ellingberg, Alejandro Schimmels, Eric Chow, Kenny Moore, Nate Mitchell

Bill B - Love Hurts 
By Kenny Moore
Starring: Nikky Griffiths, Nate Mitchell

BILL B - She's the Star 
Written by Lynn Nguyen 

Starring: Nikky Griffiths, Suchitra Sharma, Eric Chow, Kenny Moore, Alex Loder, Josh Gavile, Lynn Nguyen, Alejandro Schimmels, JC Iglesias, Darrell Ellingberg, Nate Mitchell

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*Suggested ticket price $5.00

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Event starts at 8:00pm
Doors open at 7:45pm

Pay-What-You-Can: $0.00

VIRTUAL STAGE ONE<br> A virtual performance space. This show will be live streamed.<br> Hayward, 94545


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