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[webinar] Protecting Food Delivery Drivers and Consumers During Covid-19
Presented By Global Wizdom
Tuesday, June 2nd at 1:00pm EST
Online sale ends: 06/02/20 at 11:30am EST
Live - Webinar
Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600
Littleton, CO 80120
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Dr. John Ryan, PCQI

Luckily many of the critical sanitation and other controls previously developed for food safety help to prevent coronavirus as well. Now is the time to establish and require preventive training that will also help reduce driver absenteeism and turnover during these critical times.
While consumers may hold the brand accountable for failures, restaurants, retail outlets, delivery companies, and drivers share in the responsibility to protect all supply chain participants. From the drive-through line through the driver and into the consumer’s home, human lives are on the line.
Areas Covered in the Session:
•  Why Home Food Delivery is a Critical First line of Defense Job
•  How the Industry Works
•  The Fear Factor
•  The delivery process and virus Contamination flow
1. Food Preparation
2. Packaging
3. Driver food pickup
4. Transportation
5.  Delivery
Speaker: Dr. John Ryan, PCQI
Dr. John Ryan is the president of the SanitaryColdChain.com and holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and is a registered preventive controls qualified individual (PCQI) actively engaged in helping companies develop their preventive control plans. For more than 25 years, he has implemented quality control systems for international corporations in the United States and around the world.

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1:00pm to 2:45pm
Doors open at 12:45pm

General Admission: $159.00


Live - Webinar<br> Kellogg Center 26 West Dry Creek Circle, Suite 600<br> Littleton, 80120





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