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MIND YOUR MANNERS, BITCH! How to Navigate & Negotiate in the BDSM Scene
Sunday, February 2nd at 3:30pm PST
Online sale ends: 02/02/20 at 2:30pm PST
Pershing Square Area
Los Angeles, CA 90013
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BDSM is a sexual orientation; and that makes it even harder to find a compatible mate, whether you’re just looking for play or a long term relationship. With dating in the fetish community, the focus may be to much on the kinks you share, and not at all with other things you’ll need to have in common - like core values, and compatible goals.

Dating in the vanilla community is even more daunting; you could have everything in common and not be at all sexually compatible. Even worse, discussing your orientation with a potential partner can open you up to anything from rejection and humiliation (not the fun kind), to possibly losing your job, home or family.

Both Dommes and Pro-Dommes have a different set of challenges. How do you maintain healthy boundaries in everyday life? How do you tell which clients / slaves are sincere vs time wasters. What’s an appropriate conversation outside of a playtime? What should you talk about when out for dinner with a client / slave?`

That’s why communication is so important, and the 1st part of being a good communicator is having GOOD MANNERS. That’s where S&M Etiquette and Protocol come in to save the day! Kink is also a culture. A culture that is complex and nuanced. Knowing what to say and do in different social situation is crucial to successful relationships.

Luckily our community has a long a vibrant history, that has been passed down through oral traditions and is also embodied in the 2 schools of thought that govern ethical S&M play; which are:

S.S.C - Safe, Sane Consensual


R.A.C.K - Risk Aware Consensual Kink

In this class in we’ll examine how these 2 schools of thought impact both play styles as well as Etiquette and Protocol.

In this class you will learn:

1. Where to meet quality Kinksters online and in real time.

2. Etiquette - YES! Manner matter! What to say and do, and, more importantly, what NOT say and do in any situation at:

* Classes and conventions
* On the phone
* Munches
* At an S&M Play Party
* On a first date / meeting
* Virtually: Dating sites, social media, email and text
* How to safely feel out and talk to the people you meet in your Vanilla whether it's a first date or you've been married for years.
* Creating healthy boundaries in your relationships
* When having dinner with a client / slave / Mistress
* When shopping with your client / slave / Mistress
* Negotiating a professional session as compared to a play scene
* How to greet a Mistress in high protical public and private settings: proper eye positioning, Greeting the foot, proper dialogue and titles

Instructor: Tara Indiana

This class is taught from with an emphasis on Femdom / male sub dynamic, but is open to and useful for all genders and orientations
Items Not Allowed
No Minors or pets, no free balling or commando.
Additional Information
Please come five minutes before so we can start on time.

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3:30pm to 5:00pm
Doors open at 3:15pm

Single Women Advanced: $25.00
Single Woman Last Minute: $35.00
Single men advanced: $35.00
Single men last minute: $45.00
Couples advanced: $40.00
Couple last minute: $50.00


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