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How to Use LinkedIn in High End Complex Sales
Presented By Training Doyens
Thursday, January 23rd at 1:00pm EST
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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
Aurora, CO 80016
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This webinar is for any professional involved in high-end complex sales. Traditional sales processes are getting outdated and taking longer times which is costing companies a lot of money. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to shorten the process of relationship building, rapport building and nurturing the client’s decision-making teams. Since almost all executives of every company is now on LinkedIn, it is imperative that we understand the process to leverage and win the sale using LinkedIn platform. In any high end sales process there are multiple decision makers, spread across different geographical locations. As a sales professional, it is a daunting task to map the accounts and get intelligence. With LinkedIn, we can do research pretty easily and map the accounts so we can focus our energies around selling our product or service.

These days, clients do not prefer to take phone calls and they are not always open to new proposals. LinkedIn can bypass that mind-set and we can use this platform to communicate in a way that generates interest and also gives them time to do research on us and our company. They can respond at their convenience and the success rate is very high.  We can then engage them with our thought leadership, ideas and views and allow them to get to know us even before speaking to us. Once that initial trust is built we can schedule a call over phone and slowly move from LinkedIn to in-person meetings.


You need to attend this webinar because you are finding it hard to close sales through traditional approaches. High-end sales process is no longer the same. You find it hard to get through gate keepers. Competition is fierce and they are ahead of you. You don’t have the right intelligence to decide on your next move in the decision process. You need an alternative way to reach out to the decision-makers and influence them. You want to know how to create your own brand which aligns with client needs. You want to be the go-to person that clients want to hire. You want to engage your clients with new ideas and thoughts. You also want your clients to know who you work with and how others are recommending you. You want to differentiate from other sales people and bypass the traditional methods to network with clients.

LinkedIn provides an opportunity to have access to everyone around the world. You want to know how to manage the client in an efficient way without traveling. You want to follow the clients and engage in their activity through LinkedIn. Combing all these strategies along with in-person meeting will put you in a tremendously advantageous situation.


•  Understanding LinkedIn as a platform and advantages to the business as a whole
•  Techniques to build a complete and a powerful profile to attract the right client’s attention
•  Position your profile as an expert in the field and have strong recommendations and testimonials to support the credibility
•  Learn LinkedIn sales strategy, connection strategies, and networking strategies. Also learn about rapport building, nurturing, thought leadership, publishing strategies, creating a personal brand along with company brand, strategically building network along with the professional goals
•  How to use LinkedIn to generate leads and LinkedIn business marketing tips
•  How to generate b2b leads on LinkedIn
•  Optimization of the profile with key words that match the search criteria of the prospects
•   How to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting - strategies to consistently stay in touch with prospects and make them want to work with you
•  Using the platform to gain competitive intelligence and map the competition
•  Understand the trends in the industry and stay on top of all the new inventions, products, service and technologies that effect your current role and the company and the business as a whole
•  Create groups and attract the prospect’s decision teams and be an administrator for the group. Eventually grow the group so large that you have a greater say and control over the group members. Also, gain control over the content postings and members’ activities
•  Follow the prospect companies, teams, and decision-makers
•  Use LinkedIn live to interview candidates and share ideas, knowledge and engage the clients
•  Gain access to more clients than traditional methods Overall the participant will walk away with actionable strategies that they can implement in their profession.


•  LinkedIn for marketing your business
•  Strategies to network with all decision-makers using LinkedIn
•  Strategies to engage the prospective decision-makers
•  Make the client know your expertise and generate interest
•  Leverage LinkedIn to show your credibility
•  Ability to network with the influencers of the decision making using LinkedIn
•  Use LinkedIn to avoid conventional sales calling and email campaigns
•  Ability to map the client organization’s decision-makers


•  Executives
•  Managers
•  Decision Makers
•  Sales Professionals
•  Business owners
•  Institutional Sales Peoples
•  Account Managers
•  Engagement Managers
•  Channel Managers
•  General Managers
•  VAR Partners
•  Channel Partners
•  Product Managers
•  Government Contractors
•  Contracts Managers
•  Accountants
•  Attorneys
•  CEO’s
•  Presidents of Companies


Krishna Mohan is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Speaker, #1 Best-selling Author, as seen on FOX TV and multiple media outlets, President of Genius Visionary. Krishna has deep grasp on the understanding of business through his extensive experience working in Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Information Technology, Energy and Data Center Industries. He is a highly successful Senior Business Leader who also has a background in, among many other things, Business Development, Sales Team Training and Management, Key Account Relationship Management and International Business. 

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