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BDSM and Mental Illness: WHAT IS CRAZY?
Sunday, December 8th at 6:00pm PST
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Private Studio
South Grand Ave & 6th Street (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Being differently pleasured is difficult enough without the stigma of mental illness, but when they are combined, the obstacles to healthy relationships and happiness can be daunting. So let's start by looking at the facts.

The ONE thing that BDSM and Mental Illness have in common is the stigma - and that's it. It is estimated that 26.2% of Americans suffer from Mental Illness - that's 57.7 million people. Furthermore 8-11% of the population engage in BDSM. So naturally, a percentage of them will suffer from mental illness.

Correlation isn't causation, so join us as we tease them apart in a discussion of Mental Illness and how it effects the BDSM community in terms of their access to help, treatment and gaining understanding from family, friends and peers.

Whether your a Pro-Domme or in the lifestyle, the odds are, you, or someone you know suffers from mental illness. If your a sufferer, you may be having problems get the health care you need. You may be having trouble confiding in people and getting support. If your in the profession, every time you do a session there is a 1 and 4 chance that the person you're doing a session with has some form of mental illness or you may be battling it yourself. You need to know how to play safely from both perspectives.

Come join an interesting & thought provoking discussion that will challenge your belief systems and open up new possibilities for understanding and treatment.

This Class is a companion class to "Neurology of the Kinky Brain 1.0". It's not required you attend, but we do highly recommend that you do, as it may be hard to follow if you haven't.

Some of the topics we'll explore will be:

1. Identifying and defining mental illnesses: Depression, Anxiety, MMD, PTSD, ADHD, BPD, Bi Polar, Aspergers, Schizophrenia, NPD, Psychopathy, Sociopath, and more

2. The difference between Mental Illness and Insanity. Dealing with the "Delusion Bubble"

3. When is someone dangerous and how to keep yourself safe in an age of internet stalkers.

4. Creating a "Safe Space" takes on new meaning in this context. Use the DBT intimacy circle to achieve it.

5. What forms of therapy are best if you're kinky?

6. To medicate or not to medicate? Make an informed decision after your learn about the different kinds of medications and their pros and cons

7. What is Duel Diagnosis and why is it referred to as being a "Double Winner"

8. How to destigmatize mental Illness. How SM can bring catharsis and healing.

9. The Pro-Domme often wears the therapist hat. While this gives many a sense of meaning and purpose, it also may give them "caretaker's burnout". We'll give you a few tips and how to spot it before it gets out of hand and how to treat it if you're already there.

Moderator: Mss. Tara Indiana
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No Minors or pets, no free balling or commando.
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6:00pm to 7:30pm
Doors open at 5:45pm

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Private Studio<br> South Grand Ave &amp; 6th Street (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)<br> Los Angeles, 90017



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