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Sunday, November 17th at 6:00pm PST
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Dungeon East
East 14th Street & Alameda - EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET
Los Angeles, CA 90021
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Are you 50 Shades of Grey curious? Then do not come to this class. If, however, you are a Woman who is curious about how You can harness Your power as a Woman to have more control in Your career, over men and in your life through the erotic art of Female Domination, then this class is for you.

Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, be more in-control professionally, thinking about becoming a Dominatrix, or are a service provider looking to expand your bag of tricks, you will get the psychology and tools you need to get started.

This class in the Female Domination series is - Kidnapping and Interrogation

In addition to Kidnapping / Interrogation scenes being diabolically fun, they are also great ways to become a better judge of character, stronger in negotiations, achieve real intimacy or become a HUMAN LIE DETECTOR! and who wouldn't want to do that?

In this class you will learn:

1. The different types and styles of Interrogation and how to choose the best one for You and the situation: good cop / bad cop, hard vs soft interrogations, hostage negotiation techniques, military techniques, POW scenes and emotional blackmail.

2. General psychology of Kidnap / Interrogations scenes and how that leads to the Selection of props, play space, and interrogation style

3. What is the goal of the interrogation? To extract the truth or force them to confess or believe something that may or not be true? Brain washing vs. Behavior modification

4. How to tell when someone is lying: BECOME A HUMAN LIE DETECTOR in and out of scene.

5. Using and reading body language to assert dominance, intimidate and control your victim

6. How to disorient Your victim: controlling the time and place, seduction vs intimidation

7. Easiest ways to break you victim mentally - Heavy sensory deprivation / over stimulation.

8. Tricks of the trade & parlor games to illicit autonomic responses

9. Two's company; how any and all interrogations are more fun AND effective with 2 people

10. How Far is two far? Finding safe boundaries in the most dangerous of scenes.

11. Great movies to watch for inspiration

Instructor: Tara Indiana

This is a hands on class, you will be doing interrogations. Come dressed comfortably and wearing undergarments or a swimsuit under your street clothes. No free balling or commando.

This class is open to single women, couples, and submissive and respectful single men willing to be practice dummies.

$25 in advance / $35 day of single Women

$40 in advance / $50 day of couples

$40 in advance /$50 day of single men / practice dummies*

(space permitting)

*Kidnapping / Interrogation is essentially an invasion of one's privacy and loss of freedom. To be a practice dummy for this class, you have to understand that your privacy will be invaded; personal things may be revealed about you in front of a group of Women that you don't know. By purchasing this ticket you agree to these terms.
Items Not Allowed
No Minors or pets, no free balling or commando.
Additional Information
Please come five minutes before so we can start on time.

Presented By

6:00pm to 7:30pm
Doors open at 5:45pm

Single Women (Advanced): $25.00
Single Women (Last Minute): $35.00
Couples (Advanced): $50.00
Couples (Last Minute): $50.00
Single men / practice dummy (Advanced): $40.00
Single men / practice dummy (Last Minute): $50.00


Dungeon East<br> East 14th Street &amp; Alameda - EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET<br> Los Angeles, 90021



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