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3-Hour Excel Automation Boot Camp: Explore LOOKUP Functions, Macros, VBA and More
Presented By Training Doyens
Thursday, October 3rd at 1:00pm EST
Online sale ends: 10/03/19 at 12:00pm EST
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
Aurora, CO 80016
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Whether you are an office worker or a small business owner using Excel or just the casual user, Excel functions can be very important time savers and enhance your ability to create better performing spreadsheets. Our upcoming boot camp discusses top ten Excel functions, Lookup functions and basics of Excel Macros.

The boot camp covers the following key areas:

·         Statistical functions including SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN and COUNT

·         Learn why the INDEX and MATCH combination often is superior to VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP

·         Learn the difference between workbook macros and personal macros

·         Use VLOOKUP to look up data from another workbook

·         View the recorded macro in VBA


This Microsoft Excel training session covers THREE intermediate to advanced features of Excel that provide automation within the application.

Formulas are equations that can perform calculations, return information, manipulate the contents of other cells, test conditions, and more. Explore what are considered the top 10 functions.

Lookup functions in Excel are far superior to manually searching for specific data elements in a spreadsheet. VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH are some of the most well-known (and most useful) functions in Excel.

Being able to create and edit macros is one of the must have skills for Excel Power Users. Having this knowledge will save you hours of time by allowing you to automate any Excel-based task or process. If you’ve never create macros or used VBA before, this advanced Excel training is for you.


This session is aimed at Excel users who have intermediate to advanced level knowledge and who wish to take their knowledge and understanding of the application to the next level.

Business Owners

CEO's / CFO's / CTO's




Financial Consultants

IT Professionals


Human Resource Personnel



Anybody with large amounts of Data

Anybody who uses Microsoft Excel on a regular basis, and wants to be more efficient and productive

Speaker Profile: Cathy Horwitz is an independent consultant specialized in Microsoft Office instruction. She has over 30 years of experience as a Microsoft Office instructor.

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1:00pm to 4:00pm
Doors open at 1:00pm

General Admission: $299.00

All Ages

26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Aurora, 80016





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