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PREDICAMENT! A Rope Bondage Intensive!
Sunday, November 10th at 1:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 11/10/19 at 12:00pm PST
Dungeon East
East 14th Street and Alameda (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)
Los Angeles, CA 90021
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Are you 50 Shades of Grey curious? Then do not come to this class. If, however, you are a Woman who is curious about how You can harness Your power as a Woman to have more control in Your career, over men and in your life through the erotic art of Female Domination, then this class is for you. Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, be more in-control professionally, thinking about becoming a Dominatrix, or are a service provider looking to expand your bag of tricks, you will get the psychology and tools you need to get started.

This class in the Female Domination series is a 8 hr intensive on Predicament, Inescapable and Contortion Bondage

You will learn:

Western or English Style Bondage has become a lost art with the rise in popularity of Shibari. Yet English styles of bondage offer a much more intimate and interactive experience between the Top and the bottom.

Predicament Bondage is interactive, meaning, it does things. the submissive is not held in one position, but rather, when struggling, the bondage sensations will change, thus causing a "Predicament"; a situation where they must make a decision, all of which have their consequences.

Contortion Bondage is a type of predicament bondage that forces the bottom into uncomfortable positions that they must maintain or suffer the consequences.

Inescapable Bondage is yet another form of predicament bondage. It is what it sounds like; bondage with NOW WAY OUT. They can struggle, squirm and attempt free themselves BUT THEY CANNOT ESCAPE!

Mistress Tara had been practicing Predicament Bondage for 25 years. Join Her, one of the last truly great masters of this art in the US today for a weekend intensive you will never forget!


1. Choosing your rope: The different types of ropes,their purpose and the sensations the create. How to pick and maintain the type of rope that's most suitable for you, and basic bondage safety.

2. The theory and techniques of Eastern (Japanese) and Western (English) styles of bondage

3. The 2 basic kinds of knots you'll get the most use of; slip knots and rigging points

4. Basic wrist and ankle ties; bondage handcuffs, gauntlets, tying together, tying to and spread eagle positions

6. Different kinds of Hog and Frog Ties

7. Basic body harnesses; bondage bikini, chest harness, breast bondage, and more.

8. Cock and Ball Bondage: English Ball Separation, Helicopters and more!

9. The Hangman's Noose: The perfect Noose is the Holy Grail of knotts! Learn this knot properly and everything else will be EASY!

10.The theory and techniques of inescapable bondage

11. How to Improvise with rope

12. Finals: Each student will create a bondage master piece that they will be graded on in 5 categories: predicament value, inescapability, esthetic, technique and and endurability. Special Prize TBA for the winner!

Instructor: Tara Indiana

This is a hands on class, you will be bondage. Come dressed comfortably, street or preferable yoga clothes. Wear undergarments or a swimsuit under your clothes. No free balling or commando. This class will includes all the supplies you need to do your homework assignment Saturday night.

This class is open to single women, and couples only during the 1st half or the day. SIngle men are used for the second half of the day
Items Not Allowed
Come dressed comfortably, street or preferable yogo clothes. Wear undergarments or a swimsuit under your clothes. No free balling or commando.
Additional Information
Come five minutes before so we can start on time.

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1:00pm to 9:00pm
Doors open at 12:45pm

Single Women Early Bird Ticket: $150.00
Single Woman Advanced Ticket: $200.00
Single Woman Day Last Minute: $250.00
Couples Early Bird Ticket: $250.00
Couples Advanced Ticket: $300.00
Couple Day of Ticket: $350.00
Single Male Practice Dummy Early Bird Ticket (Half Day): $150.00
Single Male Practice Dummy Advanced Ticket (Half Day): $200.00


Dungeon East<br> East 14th Street and Alameda (EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET)<br> Los Angeles, 90021



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