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Stress - Reframing your Thought Process
Monday, October 14th at 10:00am PST
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Online Event
Online Event
Fremont, CA 94539
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Stress is about how you react to situations and demands, when you can learn to respond instead to those same situations, then you can change your life. Responding rather than reacting is a learned behavior for most people as, for most of us, we spend the majority of our lives on auto-pilot, unaware of what is causing our stress and how we respond to it.

Stepping back and becoming more present in your life is the first step toward understanding how stress is affecting you on a personal level mentally, emotionally and physically; and from there, how stress affects the way you deal with those around you professionally and personally.

Emotional triggers are challenging to recognize and release as we often do not realize that we are being triggered. We don't understand what is causing the trigger or the emotions that arise as result of the trigger. Triggers are often responses to something that happened years ago; and your responses are the same each time you are triggered as you don't have the tools or techniques to change how you respond.

Within this workshop you will be provided with the tools to start the process of becoming an observer in your life. As an observer, you will be more aware of yourself, your physical self and your behaviours. This will allow you to transition towards being able to recognize the physical symptoms that warn of an escalation of emotions, allowing you to utilize the exercises and techniques presented which will guide you towards responding to situations with a clear, calm awareness of exactly what is taking place in front of you.

You can't change most of the world around you, but you can change how you view it. Within this workshop, you will be shown tools and techniques to help you change your world to reduce stress. 

Why should you Attend:We are all under stress, at work, at home, on your drive to work. It affects you on a mental, emotional and physical level, sometimes to the point where you feel overwhelmed by it. 

Stress is actually a normal response to any situation or demand that you consider to be threatening or dangerous. On a physical level, stress causes a release of a variety of hormones within your body that changes the way you breathe, how much you sweat, they tighten your muscles preparing you for the flight or fight response.

In this day and age however, we do not leave the scene and, for the most part, we do not fight resulting in hormones being stored rather than used up. When we are continuously under stress, eventually, our body becomes overwhelmed and are negatively affected by the constant flow of hormones.

Your health, the way you react to situations, the way you respond to staff, family, demands on your time, anxiety and depression are all affected by your perception of stress. Learn to respond to stressful situations or demands rather than reacting and you can change your life. 

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Understanding what stress is
  • Recognition of the effect stress has on you mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Explore your triggers
  • Become an observer in your life
  • Tools to move out of auto-pilot into being present
  • Exercises that will help you recognize triggers as they arise and guide you through changing how you respond to those triggers
  • Examination of your daily life to determine behaviors that cause stress that can be altered

Who Will Benefit:
  • All Positions from Front Line Staff to C-level Positions

Joanna Rogister is an International Speaker, Author, Intuitively Guided Wellness Coach, Classical Homeopath and a Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about helping her audiences and patients find and maintain a healthy balance in their lives. Within her practice, she guides each person to move past surface issues and get to the root cause of illnesses or imbalances, so these can be resolved. Her stance as an outspoken advocate for alternative therapies and developing intuition and intuitive abilities has earned her the title of Wellness Renegade, and her book, The Magnificence of Magenta, offers unique insights into how we can all work at healing ourselves in order to secure a more joyful, peaceful and healthy lifestyle. In addition, Joanna’s corporate background also provides her with insight into the interconnectivity between professional success and personal happiness.

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NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR    

Phone: +1-800-385-1627

Email: trainhr1@gmail.com

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10:00am to 11:00am
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General Admission: $145.00

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