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Millennials and Generation Z: Retaining, Engaging and Inspiring Your Talent Pool for Enhanced Productivity
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Friday, August 23rd at 1:00pm EST
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In today’s business environment, five generations work side-by-side, each with different attitudes and expectations about their jobs, careers, and contributions to their employers. Businesses need to create and deliver a value proposition to bring out the best from workers in Generation Y (“Millennials”) and Z, especially since they are becoming increasingly dependent on younger talent while continuously losing older talent to retirement. 
Now and in coming years, success will shine upon those employers that understand the 
Generation Z and millennials’ expectations in the workplace and are savvy enough to leverage their talents and skills.

This course is designed to arm you with valuable information to know about today’s rapidly evolving workforce so that you can develop a better talent management strategies and position your business for greater productivity.


Business leaders, managers, and human resources find themselves with a much different profile of their company workforce than they’ve ever had before. It’s vital to understand the importance of Millennials in workplace that have been a distinct part of the workforce for several years now, but they still intrigue business leaders with their seemingly unique values and professional desires. Coupled with this is the younger Generation Z making its way into the workforce, bringing its own set of specific characteristics.

Not surprisingly, senior business leaders are scratching their heads trying to understand and leverage the best aspects of their multi-generational, multi-talented workforce.

This course will walk you through an enlightening discussion about the myths surrounding Millennials and Generation Z with the aim of providing a fresh point of view about managing the Millennial generation and the Generation Z, by understanding their motivations and values.


  • Explain the profiles of Generations Y (Millennials) and Generation Z, and dispel popular myths about them

  • Explore business and workforce trends that companies must know to prepare themselves for success

  • Uncover enlightening truths about Generation Y and Z

  • Explore case studies of integrating best practices for Generation Y and Z for better talent management

  • Lay out a suggested plan for business leaders and human resources to increase inclusion and employee engagement for younger workers to help realize business performance and success


You’ll learn the Generation Z and Millennials’ expectations in the workplace and how they bring new skills and perspectives to the work environment. You’ll also understand how you as business leaders can motivate, engage, and better integrate their talents into the work environment and improve your company’s productivity.


  • Human resources professionals – all levels

  • People managers and supervisors – all levels

  • Talent Management professionals

  • Department Managers

  • Business owners

  • Senior leaders


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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Aurora, 80016-6104



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