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HR 101 for New Supervisors: Compliance You Need to Know
Presented By Training Doyens
Wednesday, August 14th at 1:00pm EST
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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
Aurora, CO 80016-6104
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Employees are the lifeblood of most companies and they often determine whether companies thrive or whither on the vine. And as managers, leaders, and HR professionals we are expected to know and apply the alphabet soup of federal and state laws (ADA, FMLA, Title 7, EEOC, AA, etc…..).

In this case, what you don’t know really can hurt you and as employers and managers we are expected to at least know the basics like Employment at Will, employee selection process, anti-discrimination laws, 4 C’s of onboarding, etc. Our goal with this webinar is to demystify and make sense out of the many pieces of the puzzle.


Participants should attend if they are new to HR, want a high-level refresher on HR compliance, or are new to management and supervision. This program will give basic compliance information that will reduce risk and help participants become more confident in communicating with employees regarding common HR issues. The advantage to companies is that those individuals who directly communicate with employees will be better informed and less likely to misrepresent the interests of the company.

This is not a legal webinar so contact your employment law attorney for specifics and those laws and regulations that apply in your geography and business as they are changing all the time including interpretations.


  • HR’s role in mission and strategy

  • Key anti-discrimination laws & protected classes

  • Meaning of disparate treatment and adverse impact

  • Rights employers DO have

  • Recruiting and behavioral based interviewing

  • Importance of goodness of fit in employee selection process

  • Onboarding basics and the 4 C’s of onboarding

  • Key considerations in managing employees

  • Seven steps to employee recognition

  • Basics of Employment at Will

  • Five considerations in determining just cause

  • Progressive discipline and why you might not want it

  • Seven steps to effective corrective action

  • Twelve parts of disciplinary documentation

  • What to know in disciplining employees

  • The basics of sexual harassment and how to stay out of trouble

  • What is quid pro quo and hostile working environment

  • Essentials of the FMLA – what it is, who is covered, 6 things to remember

  • Essentials of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA)

  • Reasonable accommodation and interactive discussion basics

  • What you need to know about wage and hour

  • Independent contractor, exempt and non-exempt employees

  • Seven reasons for having employee handbooks and six tips


This webinar is a 50,000-foot view of the HR essentials that you need to know. We will make it concise, understandable, and practical so that you have enough information to help keep you out of trouble and ask better questions. This program is jam packed with information plus we provide a number of handouts that will provide additional guidance after the program on the basics of Human Resources.


  • Business owners who need to know the basics

  • Managers and Supervisors (especially if they are new to their role)

  • HR Generalists and Administrative Assistants new to HR

  • Payroll staff

  • Small business Administrative Assistants


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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Aurora, 80016-6104



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