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Top 50 Microsoft Excel Hacks: Powerful Tips for Power Users
Presented By Training Doyens
Wednesday, April 3rd at 1:00pm EST
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26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
Aurora, CO 80016
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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “There has to be a better way to do this,” while using Excel, then know you're probably right. In this webinar, I’m going to show you 

top 50 Excel hacks & tips to make Excel more efficient than you ever imagined


Are you ready to fire up your skills and become a super-efficient Excel user?

First, you’re going learn my top 10 favorite Excel hacks and tricks that can save you a ton of time.

Then I’ll show you some Excel tips and tricks that will help you to customize your Excel Interface.

You’re going to learn some great Excel keyboard shortcuts that will save you tons of time.

Do you want to enter data to multiple worksheets at a time? No problem. Do you also want to block a user from interacting outside a specific range? Piece of cake. Do you want to get rid of duplicate values in seconds? Easy! These and 47 more Excel hacks and trickscan add significant productivity and save money across your organization, too.


  • Excel keyboard shortcuts

  • Grouping sheets

  • Using named ranges

  • Sorting and filtering in Excel quickly

  • The power of the formatted table

  • Getting quick subtotals from your data

  • Making your favorite icons easily accessible

  • One-click charts

  • Using templates to save time

  • Chart templates

  • Built in templates

  • Making your own templates

  • The power of the autofill

  • Making your data stand out with conditional formatting

  • Many more tips


I created this course to help Excel users avoid common spreadsheet stumbling blocks and reveal ways to maximize the power of Excel through various Excel tips and tricks. I started with no knowledge of Excel and when I started to use it on a daily basis, I said to myself, “There has to be a better way to do this.” In this course, I compile all my notes and my knowledge and I want to teach you Excel hacks for productivity.


  • Business owners

  • CEO's / CFO's / CTO's

  • Managers of all levels

  • Anybody with large amounts of data

  • Anybody who uses Microsoft Access/Excel on a regular basis, and wants to be more efficient and productive

  • Accountants

  • CPAs

  • Controllers

  • Financial Consultants

  • IT Professionals

  • Auditors

  • Human Resource Personnel

  • Bookkeepers

  • Marketers

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26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Aurora, 80016





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