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Ceschi ⁺ Factor w/ Band ⁺ DarkTime Sunshine ⁺ Televangel ⁺ hERON
Presented By CapCity Presents
Tuesday, April 23rd at 8:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 04/22/19 at 11:45pm PST
Rhythm & Rye
311 Capitol Way N, Olympia, Washington 98501
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Ceschi Ramos
On Sad, Fat Luck, their second collaborative full-length, rapper/singer Ceschi Ramos and producer Factor Chandelier have condensed three years of heavy touring, profound loss, and late stage capitalism polemics into a 13-track album. While driving on the autobahn manically throttled on espresso during a tour with cult rapper Serengeti, Ceschi put on a beat that Factor had sent him out of the blue. Factor has a history of gently nudging a vocalist towards a specific sound he’s after, and this was one of those cases as Ceschi found inspiration for the title track flying solo 200 km/h across the German highway.

Sad, Fat Luck was the song, and album, he had to make in the wake of the type of high-grade personal hell that makes you wonder if you’re living in a simulation. “They’re watching me hang myself for rounds of applause,” he laments over a pristine, propulsive Factor beat.

Early in his career, Ceschi’s band Toca was signed to Snoop Dogg’s management team. He learned a bit about how to navigate cutthroat Hollywood and its bullshit lunches and empty promises. During a meeting with an L.A. agency rep, Ceschi was asked to describe his music concisely. Knowing that the breadth of his influences is too wide to properly digest, Ceschi blurted out something like, “If Kendrick Lamar met Elliott Smith in a psychedelic limbo. If Kurt Cobain’s brain blown ghost met Frank Ocean.” And the man got it - right away. No talk of Freestyle Fellowship, Neutral Milk Hotel, My Bloody Valentine, Silvio Rodríguez, or the vast, less marketable influential giants to Ceschi.

A student and peer of the ‘90s California underground scene, Ceschi flips multiple styles and cadences, often moving from chopping verses to spoken word-adjacent raps in the same track. He is also a gifted guitarist, inserting his warm minimalist balladry (“Daybreak”) into the tracklist as a sort of palate cleanser amongst heavier, wide-eyed productions (“Lost Touch”).

“Sans Soleil”, a late addition to the record, stands as its emotional core. “This has been an awfully costly trip,” Ceschi relays on the chorus, hinting at what he’s endured in a lengthy battle with depression and processing loss. The outro features a voice memo from the late producer Sixo, a close friend of Ceschi’s and integral part of the Fake Four family, who died in a freak motocross race incident in 2018. Sans Soleil is also the title of a Sad, Fat Luckcompanion album born out of the Saskatoon sessions set to drop in July 2019.

Ceschi founded a label roughly 10 years ago, at a time when beloved indie labels like Def Jux were folding in response to music becoming “free.” He wanted an outlet for him and his friends, and the long road ahead was never viewed as untenable. He grit his teeth, signed artists, made music, booked tours, and continued moving forward amongst shifting terrains. All roads of his past decade have led to this album, and a vocalist couldn’t ask for a better co-pilot than Factor. Sad, Fat Luck is suffering as grist for the mill, and the skeletal framework of what that mill can produce when manned by an unflinching sense of hope.


Factor Chandelier
Starting out as a DJ, Factor Chandelier has evolved into one of Western Canada’s busiest producers. He is continuously working and touring with high caliber artists including: Ceschi, Moka Only, AWOL One, Myka 9, Def3, Sole, Astronautalis and more. He is known for continuously dropping top-notch product out of Saskatoon since the early 2000s. He is the founder, owner and operator of Side Road Records (2001), releasing over 40 professional albums between Side Road & Fake Four inc. Factor's music has garnered international distribution and he has received positive critical acclaim by way of magazine and website reviews as well as receiving as high as #1 charting radio play on college/community radio all over Canada, the US and Japan. Factor has been able to get placement in movies and advertisements with companies such as Cadillac, Addidas, Gopro, MTV and more.

Factor's production combines smooth melodic moods and live instruments over immaculate drums put together seemingly effortlessly to create a distinct sound of his own and it's for this reason he's consistently banging out one-of-a-kind beats as one of underground music’s favorite new school producers. Factor is always trying to create original, thought-provoking music that pushes the envelope of traditional hip-hop and has drawn significant attention to this Canadian artist. Hailing from the prairies, this Saskatoon, SK born and raised musician continues to make waves with his innovative sound.

A full bio, photos and all links can be accessed at www.factorchandelier.com

Dark Time Sunshine
Dark Time Sunshine is comprised of Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul (Rhymesayers) and producer Zavala. Onry and Zavala first met and collaborated while working on mutual friend and rap artist Sleep's 'Hesitation Wounds' in 2009 (Strange Famous). After this session the two continued their collaborative efforts and began amassing a collection of songs, melding Onry's debonair persona and wordplay with Zavala's strikingly innovative production to create Dark Time Sunshine's signature sound. The first song completed, "Mod Volatile", appears on Grayskul's 7" released by Fieldwerk Recordings in June 2009. The new partnership culminated in December 2009 with Dark Time Sunshine's 'Believeyoume, a nine song EP, released as a free download and limited CD from Fake Four Inc. In April 2010 Dark Time Sunshine released their first full-length LP, the acclaimed 'Vessel' (Fake Four Inc.). With two superb releases and extensive touring in the U.S. with the likes of Sole and the Skyrider Band, AWOL One, Pigeon John, and DJ Abilities, Dark Time Sunshine quickly became an indie favorite and 'Vessel' became one of the most well received hip hop albums of 2010. Dark Time Sunshine's performance at Soundset 2010, one of indie hip hop's most celebrated festivals, continued to increase their fanbase and expose new listeners to 'Vessel', often referred to as "psychedelic Gang Starr". Dark Time Sunshine released 'Cornucopia', an EP of unreleased material, for their Fall 2010 "Make A Darwish" tour. In October 2010, Zavala was named to URB's 10 Awesome New Beat Makers

April 2016 — and We Dream of Drones — his atmospheric project released in November 2016.
Since, Televangel released KRWU Instrumentals (instrumentals to his May 2016 Kome Ryde With Us collaboration with Greenova South) and accompanying $CREWED version — in April 2017; scored the look-book for fashion upstart Of Arcin September 2018 and remixed “The Good Life” from Anomie Belle in October 2018.

Formerly half of the unmatchable Blue Sky Black Death duo, Televangel operates comfortably within the space of depth. Understandably, the density and details within a Televangel production require patience under construction. What Televangel lacks in prolific output, he more than compensates with nuanced dyanmics; emotive, vulnerable and high-level music to be felt more than simply heard (by Matteo Urella)

hERON is a long-distance, Seattle-slash-San Antonio collaboration between Progeny of Chisme/Ghost Palace (MPC) and Rob Castro of Grayskul/Ghost Palace (bass). Instrumental trip-hop infused with a gloomy dreamlike melancholy, hERON’s cinematic sad bangers draw as much from psych rock, 70’s pop and Twin Peaks as they do from Seattle’s chief exports of hiphop and grunge.

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Rhythm &amp; Rye<br> 311 Capitol Way N, Olympia, Washington 98501<br> OLYMPIA, 98501




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