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Skill Gaps : Overcoming the Deficit of Skilled Workers
Presented By Training Doyens
Wednesday, December 12th at 1:00pm EST
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Workforce skills area is a priority for any business looking to remain competitive in the current economic landscape. The importance of skill development cannot be underestimated as it benefits employers through improved costs, greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

Skill gaps in the workplace are self-defined by employers when they perceive that an employee lacks certain skills, which is preventing him from being fully proficient in his job role. Additionally, skills gaps are defined as the difference between skills that employers want or need, and skills their workforce offers. Knowing how to conduct a skills gap analysis helps organizations identify skills they need to meet their business goals.

Skill gaps in the workplace can occur at an individual, departmental, and organizational level at any time because staff lack critical skills required to complete a task successfully, or non-critical skills (skills that are not essential but would enable a task to be completed more quickly or efficiently) due to changes in the working environment.


Data supplied by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics shows that those available for employment aren’t armed with the skills needed for the roles employers are currently hiring for. The value of skills development in the workplace cannot be underestimated as it benefits employers through improved costs, greater customer satisfaction and increasing profitability and productivity.

This presentation will assist participants in understanding what’s behind the skill gaps in the workplace and what measures employers can take to close the gap.


  • Defining “skill gaps in the workplace”

  • Is the skills gap real? 

  • How to conduct a skills gap analysis 

  • Training needs analysis

  • Identifying current and future skill needs

  • Assessing positions, responsibilities and employees

  • Compiling a skills inventory

  • Creating a skills development roadmap

  • Solving the gap issue

  • Hard skills v. Soft skills


Skill gaps manifest themselves in various ways. Identifying where the gap came from is the key to solving it effectively. Utilizing tools such as skills gap analysis, soft skill development training analysis, surveys and skill inventories will assist companies in determining what skills they’re lacking and solving the issue of lack of skills in the workplace.

Once you have a sense of what skills your company is lacking, you will be able to identify strategies to close the gaps.


  • Senior Leadership

  • HR Professionals

  • Recruiting Professionals

  • Managers & Supervisors

  • Learning & Development Professionals

  • Operations Professionals


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