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Transformational Leadership and Mentoring: A Closer Look at The Effects and How To Inspire & Motivate Organizations And People
Presented By Training Doyens
Wednesday, September 5th at 1:00pm EST
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This webinar provides a snapshot of one particular leadership style – transformational leadership. Organizations today are immersed in numerous change management initiatives and the characteristics of this leadership style lend itself to champion the changes that are taking place. This webinar takes a look at mentoring through the eyes of a transformational leader. We explore how closely aligned the two disciplines are and how that is of value to an organization and its people. This webinar looks at the transformational leadership characteristics and why we need this type of leadership coupled with mentoring and what the business value would be by going on this journey. We will take a look at Servant Leadership and see how it also aligns with mentoring. Jim Collins’ “Five Levels of Leadership” will be another philosophy that we will take a look at during this webinar. This will be an eye opener for some current leaders as they can self-assess where they are in relation to each of the levels.


This is a webinar has a unique story line to it. It begins the journey focusing on leadership and mentoring skills and how significant leadership is to the future of organizations. We get to see albeit briefly the leadership talent shortage and its impact globally. We take a look at leadership through a different lens and see some of the leadership styles that can make a difference despite the turmoil that most are facing today. If you have ever wondered what servant leadership is all about then this webinar will provide you with an overview of this style. You may have asked yourself if there are various levels of leadership. We have that covered for you in this webinar. We explore Jim Collins’ Five Levels of Leadership and ask you to self-assess where you see yourself today. Being a great leader is all about continuous learning which includes looking within as the first step. We continue our journey and begin to explore the aspects of mentoring from a personal and professional basis. If you ever wondered what the business value is for mentoring, this is the webinar that you must attend. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the value that mentoring can bring to you and your organization. This is a must attend webinar – ask yourself the question – “can you afford not to?”


The areas that are covered in this session include: mentoring and coaching in the workplace and what does that mean, leadership and what does that mean. How these two topics are of great interest to organizations today. There is a leadership talent shortage that impacts organizations globally.

We touch on transformational leadership, servant leadership, the five levels of leadership and what that means to each of us. We look at mentoring in relation to what are the definitions of mentoring, business value for mentoring, and the role of a mentor, what effective mentoring in an organization can result in. We share two stories that can spark dialogue and awareness surrounding mentoring and leadership. We do a dive into what transformational leadership is all about. We look at the four components of transformational leadership. We do a comparison of the characteristics of transformational leadership and mentoring. The four components are: 

  • Idealized influence – charisma

  • Inspirational motivation

  • Intellectual stimulation

  • Individualized attention

  1. Transformational leaders transform organizations and people.

  2. They focus on transforming others to help each other.

  3. They ask questions and challenge others using the Socratic method of teaching.

  4. Transformational leaders motivate others to do more than they originally intended or thought possible.

  5. Set challenging expectations and achieve higher performances.

  6. Have more committed and satisfied followers and empower followers.

Research has shown that mentoring is about change, transition and leadership. It has been said that a great mentor is a change mediator in the turmoil of constant change in an organization. In this webinar we will touch on all these aspects.


  • Participants will develop an understanding of the characteristics of a great leader

  • Participants will develop an understanding of the characteristics of a great mentor

  • Participants will develop an understanding of the similarities of leadership and mentoring

  • Participants will understanding what is transformational leadership and its four components 

  • Participants will develop an understanding of how these four components have mentoring characteristics


All levels in an organization. Personnel who are looking at embarking on a leadership path would find this exploration of mentoring and leadership of interest.


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