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Being an Effective Communicator at Work: Dealing with Difficult People While Not Becoming One Yourself
Presented By Training Doyens
Thursday, August 2nd at 1:00pm EST
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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr
26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016
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This webinar will discuss appropriate communication skills that convey courtesy and respect for your teammates as well as basic tips that can contribute to your professional image.  We will cover accepting personal responsibility (as well as how to handle when others don’t) and how to communicate effective apologies and negative feedback.  It will also share ideas


This webinar will include a few tips to help you improve your communication skills interpersonally, in small and large groups, when communicating in written and public speaking formats…and even when dealing with negative situations with teammates!  Sometimes having to deal with negative communication (conflict, delivering negative evaluations to subordinates, or even complaining to superiors) is the most stressful part of a job.  This webinar will share etiquette tips and information to help make these negative communication situations easier to handle. Employing these tips will help you maintain your professionalism and not turn into ‘one of those people.’


We sometimes get frustrated at others’ rudeness, but ignore our own.  Appropriate apologizes can go a long way in professional environments; learn in this webinar how to make a good one without overdoing it.  It is important to communicate with respect and to employ credibility ‘rules’ when conversing with teammates, even when that respect is not returned.  While this webinar is not a ‘conflict management how-to,’ the communication etiquette tips shared will help make some of those situations easier.

Learning how to make proper introductions at work is paramount to being seen as a competent professional.  Being a considerate colleague with your communication also has a big impact.

Finally, delivering successful presentations isn’t just about the content of your talk, but also about how you present yourself.  This webinar will cover all of these communication ‘pain points’ and more!


Are your communication skills holding back your potential?  Being an effective communicator at work is vital to every role.  When we work with other people, however, communication styles don’t always work well together.  This etiquette webinar will share ideas about how to be a successful communicator as well as how to deal with people whose communication styles don’t always complement yours.


Anyone who works with other people!


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Training Doyens 26468 E Walker Dr<br> 26468 E Walker Dr, Aurora, Colorado 80016<br> Aurora, 80016


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