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How You Should Utilize Employee Engagement Surveys
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Tuesday, June 12th at 1:00pm EST
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Your employee retention rates will be much greater with engaged employees. An engaged employee will be far more productive than one who has checked out.  Management needs to learn how to keep high potential employees and keep them engaged.

The most common way to learn whether your staff is engaged is through surveys.  If they are not engaged it is important to find the root cause and take corrective action. In order to get to the root cause you must ask the right questions.

We will focus on asking the right questions. We will talk about the difference between satisfaction and engagement.  We will discuss the importance of employee loyalty and customer loyalty and retention.

How to, when to, and what to do with the survey will be included


Retaining your best employees and reducing turnover is an objective of every progressive HR department.  Those organizations with higher than acceptable turnover are always looking for answers.

Many times the reasons given are based on antidotal information.  Many times the information is skewed with hiring managers’ opinions.  

Reacting to this information without reliable data can be very costly to an organization in terms dollars spent, business disruption, further turnover, and lost customers.

It is necessary to have data driven policies that foster employee retention.  A reliable Employee Engagement Survey process will provide this data.


  • The purpose of surveys

  • Why employee satisfaction does not work

  • What is employee engagement

  • Using onboarding surveys

  • Using Exit Surveys

  • How to design the questions to ask

  • How and when to administer

  • Doing Cascade Meetings

  • Including in managers accountable actions


Learn the difference between employee satisfaction and engagement. Also learn how to utilize employee engagement surveys for employee retention.


  • HR Professionals 

  • CEO

  • Senior Vice President

  • Vice President

  • Executive Director

  • Managing Director

  • Regional Vice President

  • Area Supervisor

  • Managers


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