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Using Your Food Safety Data to Drive Cost Reductions and Process Improvements
Tuesday, March 13th at 1:00pm EST
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Bethesda, MD 20817
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John Ryan

Event Description:

​In today’s world of food safety, everyone in the supply chain is challenged to document what they are doing. This seemingly expensive documentation yields data that is valuable to cutting costs, improving food safety, meeting legal requirements and improving business processes.

But most companies do not yet know how to use the data they spend so much time and money collecting. Yet, there are some relatively easy, quick to implement analytic approaches farms, processors, supply chains, distributors and packers can implement to help them manage more efficiently.

Analytics is the process of converting raw data to useful management information. Easy to understand trends and dashboards make data visible allowing all minds to focus on issues.

This 90-minute training session will illustrate how the time and money spent environmental sampling at farms, planning for preventive controls, assuring supplier compliance, and managing process critical controls can be converted and used by managers and teams to glean critical information from often confusing data and used to drive cost reductions and business improvements.

The FDA requires validation of your company preventive control plan. This means that your company and your suppliers must prove that you can control hazards or are working to control hazards. Most companies look at this requirement as an expensive, manpower consuming exercise in futility.


You can learn to use mandated data to reduce costs, improve yields, eliminate recalls, cut inspection and test costs, and improve customer service and delivery by learning to apply simple analytic approaches designed to help companies turn the corner from “compliance” to “improved management practices”

This 90-minute webinar is a “how to” training that goes beyond “what you need to do to comply” training. You will learn to define problem areas, analyze causes, establish a systematic approach to improvement and document your efforts. You will learn some basic analytic concepts, how to apply them in everyday settings and learn the difference between problems caused by your company’s system and problems that are assignable and attackable by employees.

This webinar will help you understand and be able to use :

Farm sampling data (making environmental monitoring data pay)
Supply chain process cost analysis
Internal process cost analyses
Processing and process analysis
Team approaches to prioritizing problems and driving improvements
Solution Tracking Sheets (STS)
Easy to understand decision making rules

Areas Covered in the Session :

How to collect reliable data rather than just “document”
Perform simple calculations
Quickly calculate basic process averages and ranges
Interpret Trends
Turn data into analytic decision making
Know when to make changes and when to leave things alone
Understand the difference between common and assignable causes
Building a valid cost saving preventive control plan rather than just filling out HACCP planning sheets

Who Will Benefit:

Any employees working on developing, implementing or auditing food safety plans
Mid-level personnel from supply chain registered food operations
Food safety team members
Food quality personnel
Managers and supervisors in food operations
Personnel working on preventive control plans or teams

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1:00pm to 2:15pm
Doors open at 1:00pm

General Admission: $229.00

Online<br> Bethesda, 20817



Wednesday, March 7th

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