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Club Cosplay - 3/23/18 - The Nerds' Night-Club : House of Blues - Anaheim, CA (WonderCon 2018)
Friday, March 23rd at 7:00pm PST
Online sale ends: 03/23/18 at 6:00pm PST
House of Blues in the GardenWalk Mall
400 Disney Way #337
Anaheim, CA 92802
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And then there was... Now!

Club Cosplay has Now been Dormant for the Last 10 Months... 

a Void has been Created.

Things have happened, Stuffs has gone on & Crap is still taking place in the future... “ Club Kopy Kats “ have been popping up All Over the Place after Club Cosplay showed them how to do it..

but it’s just That Feeling You Get when Club Cosplay brings Us All Together, this feeling has been so Absent from our lives.... 

It’s that Organic Feeling of Passion, Social Euphoria, Just the ability to Let Everything Go to Be Who You Want & The Night of Your Life...

This Feeling has Just Been Absent... Nothing feels the Same and a Glossy Shell Just isn’t Good Enough...

No More will that Feeling Escape You...

Like the Mighty Phoenix Rising from the Ashes... Club Cosplay Soars Again!

Yeah, We are Totally pulling a Jean Gray here :P

It's Official Club Cosplay - The Nerds' Night-Club is Back 2018 



Here at Club Cosplay, We are a Company for the Every Day Man, Woman & Nerd… Accepting All People from All Walks of Life :P


Where we are Not about the Celebrity of Cosplay or the Cosplayer… We are About the Celebration of Cosplay & The Amazing Connection it Brings to Nerds & Geeks Around the World.


Club Cosplay isn't a group of Professional Cosplayers Yarrr.. We Be Pirates! just a Band of Every Day People Who Do Epic Things! Our Endless Passion Drives Us to Go Where No Nerds’ have Gone Before, Cuz.! We Are Not Bound by the World Around Us!


A-Lot of our Cast & Crew have Countless Years of Professional Experience But Many of em’ Actually just showed up with A-Whole-Lotta Ambition and Most of All, A-Whole-Lotta Heart.


Here at Club Cosplay, We Pride Ourselves in the Growth of our Community. Allowing Fresh Faces to be Given the Opportunity to Grow & Strive in their Dreams…


We Truly Believe in Being Who You Want to Be, 

Cuz.. This Club's for Every Body!

Items Not Allowed
No D-Bags! Don't Be Pretentious, Don't Be Judgmental, Don't Be Negative, Don't Touch Unless Asked.
Additional Information
Be Who You Want To Be & Bring Everyone Together :)

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7:00pm to 2:00am
Doors open at 6:00pm

General Admission: $15.00
VIP: $30.00

All Ages

House of Blues in the GardenWalk Mall<br> 400 Disney Way #337<br> Anaheim, 92802



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