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Perfecting The Kiss: A Mockumentary for the Stage
April 18th - April 22nd, 2017 EST
Online sale ends: 04/19/17 at 5:30pm EST
John DeSotelle Studio
300 W 43rd Street (@ 8th Avenue) (3rd floor) NuBox Theatre
New York, NY 10036
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Scott C. Sickles (Playwright)

Paula D'Alessandris (Director)

Helen McMillan

Janette Johnston

Patrick Harman

Hugo Trebels

George Redner

"Most people don’t know what goes on in Theatre at this
level. I mean, can you imagine Bette Davis in an Equity showcase?"

Perfecting the Kiss, a mockumentary from the stage, tells the story of one stage manager's struggles to navigate the artistic and romantic tribulations of a bad... bad play. She was enamored of the playwright, Harvest Carruthers, who insists he's "never written a gay play." 

Harvest is drawn to the young, handsome actor Jonah "Buck" Jackson, who is as warm and kind as he is marginally talented. 

Buck develops a growing admiration for the director, Edwina, who is really only doing this play to prove that Buck's co-star, the handsome yet enigmatic Mike, is gay in real life so she doesn't have to take his rejection of her previous romantic overture personally. 

Mike... Mike is a consummate artist who just wants to get this disaster over with. 

Will anyone get what they want? Will the play they're doing ever stop sucking? Will the stage manager's gaping emotional wounds heal by reliving this horror?

Mayhem ensues!

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7:30pm to 9:00pm
Doors open at 7:00pm

General Admission: $15.00


John DeSotelle Studio<br> 300 W 43rd Street (@ 8th Avenue) (3rd floor) NuBox Theatre<br> New York, 10036

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