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Presented By The Winnebago
Friday, November 15th at 9:00pm CST
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The Winnebago
2262 Winnebago Street
Madison, WI 53704
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J.E. Sunde

Graham Hunt



With an unassuming bard of talents, American singer-songwriter J.E. Sunde's songs ring in dulcet tones; compositions full of unusual intricacies and subtle details. As much indie folk as soul, Sunde embraces his influences, from Nina Simone to Leonard Cohen. 

Sunde’s debut album “Shapes that Kiss the Lips of God” was an exercise in layers of sound – built up and presented like a spinning fan seen through a kaleidoscope. The sophomore album, “Now I Feel Adored”, is an exercise in careful subtraction. Sunde strips away the slowed blades and peers through a clearer, but darker lens.

The detailed weavings of melody found on previous recordings by the Minneapolis-based songwriter, formerly of The Daredevil Christopher Wright, are present as always in the light strums of his guitar, piano (electric and acoustic), occasional strings, synths and percussion. 

Permeated by a production quality that rides the line between Hi Fi and ‘70s AM radio, there is softness found between the layers of Sunde’s imaginative textures and orchestration.


Graham Hunt plays the guitar. Sometimes with Midnight Reruns, Mike Krol, or Sundial Mottos.  Sometimes by himself. “Leaving Silver City,” his first album under his own name, is a collection of 10 power pop gems recorded with a revolving cast of friends.  

Graham Hunt sings.  On “Leaving Silver City,” he sings things like, “We all want the same things / in a world that’s always changing” and “What’s a giraffe doing in Racine?” If you listen to it, you’ll probably want to sing those things too.

What is a giraffe doing in Racine? He has a knack for picking out life’s small moments—a trip to the zoo (“Small Town Zoo”), an unknown phone number that won’t stop calling (“Select All”), an awkward conversation (“Same Things”)—and connecting them to the Big Stuff. He does so with sympathy and spirit. Life sucks sometimes, and he’s in your corner, reminding you not to beat yourself up too much. He’s leaving Silver City, but he’s sure as hell not giving up.  

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Doors open at 8:00pm

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The Winnebago<br> 2262 Winnebago Street<br> Madison, 53704


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