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Geometry - Class 2
Monday, June 13th at 7:30am PST
Online sale ends: 06/03/16 at 11:45pm PST
Temecula Middle School (TMS)
42075 Meadows Pkwy
Temecula, CA 92592
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TEF Accelerated Summer School runs June 13th - July 8th (Four weeks total).  Independence Day on Monday, July 4th, is a Holiday and class will not be in session.


TEF Summer Classes for High School Students are accelerated courses offered in collaboration with the Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD), which serves as the accreditation body for high school credits earned. 

GEOMETRY is the study of measurements, properties, and relationships of points, lines, and angles or, more specifically, a study of the measurements, properties and relationships of triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and the nature of deductive proofs and volume, area, perimeter, and surface area.

TEF courses are intended for students who wish to increase their level of coursework in a content area beyond what they could accomplish within a standard 4-year high school schedule. These courses provide the same depth, breadth, and rigor as their classroom counterparts but in a highly accelerated summer format. They demand proven ability and knowledge in the subject, discipline, and time management. Students successfully completing these courses will gain skills, knowledge, and experience needed for success in the next course in the sequence.

WITH approval from counselor, TVUSD incoming freshmen (9th Graders) or upper-level high school students may enroll. Students from neighboring districts should check with their home district to obtain approval prior to enrollment. 

TEF summer class registration begins Mon., May 2, and closes Wed., June 1. There is NO refund after Monday, June 6, for any class. Temecula Education Foundation website for summer school registration: www.temeculaeducationfoundation.org 

  • Proven record of success in the subject – successful completion of Algebra I.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, persistence, and strong work ethic, with no attendance issues;
  • Counselor recommendation and approval are required prior to enrollment. 

  • Depending on the class selected, accelerated courses receive either one semester or one full-year credit; marks earned will be placed on the student’s permanent transcript.
  • GEOMETRY is a full-year, FOR-CREDIT course; grade in this acceleration class will appear on the student's permanent transcript.
  • Non-credit (preparatory-only) courses are intended to supplement school coursework and improve student performance in future for-credit courses. Such enrichment courses will not be listed on a student’s transcript.  
  • Due to the intense, accelerated nature of TEF summer classes, students are permitted ONE absence. 
  • An absence beyond the permitted ONE will result in a “Drop” from the class and an “F” on the student’s transcript.
  • After the first three days of instruction, students failing a TEF course may request a “Drop” without the penalty of an “F” on their transcript. NOTE:  There is NO refund for any class dropped due to failure.

NOTE:  Student will read and sign acknowledgement of this document during online registration.
Additional Information
If you have questions about the courses, please email programs@temeculaeducationfoundation.org. If you need technical assistance registering, please call 1-800-316-8559

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7:30am to 11:45am
Doors open at 7:30am

Geometry - Registration: $311.00

All Ages

Temecula Middle School (TMS)<br> 42075 Meadows Pkwy<br> Temecula, 92592

Monday, June 12th

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Monday, June 12th

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Monday, June 13th

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Monday, June 13th

Past Event
Monday, June 13th

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